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I have been invited internationally to speak  on many platforms. From journals, news reports to international live channels, I am a passionate expert on Global Health.

Four million Nigerians have Type 2 diabetes — Study

According to the lead researcher, Dr. Davies Adeloye, more Nigerians will be affected by the condition unless stakeholders put in place effective public health response and strategies for higher public awareness. He also advocated for lifestyle changes which include healthy diets and physical activity....

High blood pressure puts one in four Nigerians at risk, study says

High blood pressure -- already a massive hidden killer in Nigeria -- is set to sharply rise as the country adopts western lifestyles...


Why asthma is common chronic disease

Though an asthma patient, this did not stop Jide Olajumoke from enrolling to serve her Country in the compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme... 

High blood pressure puts one in three Nigerians at risk

Researchers carried out an analysis 53 studies about the condition in Nigeria, which involved some 80,000 people.

They found that among people with high blood pressure...

Dementia has increased by 400% in Nigeria — Study

A study published by the University of Edinburgh, Scotland,  in the Journal of Global Health Reports, has discovered that dementia has increased astronomically in Nigeria in  the last two decades..

Amid overwhelming medical facts, many Nigerians tenaciously hold on to the belief that being overweight is a sign of good living. Experts, however, share the view that this could be a recipe for disaster...

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